Since ancient history, India has traditionally been the purveyor of tea and a tea-drinking nation. But times have changed and over the years, the younger generation/urbane class have developed a taste for coffee. Heeding the calls of their cravings, TATA Starbucks (a joint venture company own by Starbucks Corporation and Tata Global Beverages) opened its first flagship store in Delhi yesterday.

The store, located in Connaught Place, in the heart of the city, will be officially open for business from today onwards. To give it a been given a distinct Indian imprint to appeal to local customers, the Connaught Place outlet has cement walls and locally designed furniture and fittings.



While they’re allowing coffee drinkers to embrace their love, Starbucks have also included some innovative food items on their menu apart from their signature beverages and wraps, to stay “in touch” with the heritage and history of Delhi. Dishes like “Murg Makhni Pie” and “Mutton Seekh in Roomali Roti” are available, made to suit the taste of Delhiites.

Check out our gallery for pictures from the Starbucks Delhi outlet launch!

Sources: International Business Times, The Wall Street Journal.

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