Rumours are rife about Britney Spears quite possible cinching a residency in “Sin City” aka Las Vegas. According to E! News, the pop superstar is currently really, really close to finalizing an agreement to play a series of gigs at a major Las Vegas hotel owned by Caesars Entertainment Group.

Britney’s manager, Larry Rudolph first confirmed the rumours when he stated, “We are in deep negotiations and I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen. Hoping to have a deal done very soon!”. Following which, Britney herself hinted at a #VivaLasVegas possibility when she retweeted and replied a post from her, uh, dog, which read:


Just in case you don’t realize how big of a deal (no pun intended) a Las Vegas residency is, well, let’s put it this way: Industry experts say that Britney Spears’ Las Vegas payday could easily exceed USD100 million. Yup. It’s that big of a deal.

But oh, you know, anything can happen between now and then, or even shortly after. Let’s not forget how Britney abruptly pulled the plugs on both her engagement with Jason Trawick and her role as celebrity judge on The X-Factor show.


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