As Chinese New Year is just around the corner, it is undoubtedly one of the sweetest and most memorable moments of the year for all those who celebrate. Family reunions, gathering of friends, rekindling with people you know, you name it.

At the beginning of New Year, GODIVA, the renowned Belgium Chocolatier has specially designed a unique recipe for the Chinese New Year limited edition gift set.


With a sweet and rich aroma, together with exquisite design, GODIVA Chinese New Year collection wins the heart of all chocoholics. Concentrating on Asia, GODIVA brings about chocolate with tea flavours, a perfect combination of two different tastes, celebrating the New Year with an impressive experience of chocolate.

Going visiting during Chinese New Year? Then the GODIVA 2013 Chinese New Year Hamper Collection must be the perfect gift since there are lots of delicate presents in different hampers. Select between:

The “Delight Hamper” (contains Chinese New Year Gift Box 18pcs.; Chocolate biscuits Collection 36 pcs.; Carré Gift Box 36pcs.; Dark Chocolate Spread; Extra Creamy Hazelnut Tablet and Milk Cocoa Powder. It brings a warm wish in the New Year) at RM699.

Delight Hamper

The “Decadence Hamper” (contains a Chinese New Year Gift Box 28pcs.; Chinese New Year  Carré chocolate Gift Box  28pcs.; Truffe chocolate Gift Box 12pcs.;  Biscuits Tin Box 50pcs.; Milk Cocoa Powder; Coffee Breakfast Blend and  Dark Chocolate Spread.) at RM1,079.

Decadence Hamper

Everyone wants to have memorable and delightful New Year. The 2013 GODIVA Chinese New Year luxurious chocolate feast will definitely make the “Year of the Snake” an ultimately sweet and happy one.

GODIVA is located at:

  • Suria KLCC +603 2166 5252
  • Pavilion KL +603 2142 5252
  • Satellite Building, KLIA +603 8776 1166
  • The Flying Emporium, Domestic Airside, KLIA +603 8776 1598 

Note: Hampers only available at Suria KLCC and Pavilion KL

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