By night, they are your average Hollywood stars. But even celebrities are aware that they can’t depend on their main income alone. So we did a little research and found out how they’ve gone beyond just earning money from being in the entertainment industry. And no, we’re not talking fragrance/fashion lines or product endorsements. You’d be surprised with some of your favourite celebrities’ side jobs are.

As follows:

Clint Eastwood


Film actor and director Clint Eastwood bought the “Mission Ranch Resort” in Carmel, California at a time when it was on the verge of bankruptcy. He restored it (it used to be a dairy farm) and now it’s a tourist haven. He also owns the “Tehama Golf Club” and has a large stake in the “Pebble Beach Golf Links” chain.

Sandra Bullock

In 2006, Oscar-winning “Miss Congeniality” Sandra Bullock renovated and re-opened “Walton’s Fancy and Staple” (a bakery, deli, flower shop, and an event-planning services business). She also got her sister, Gesine, to create some of the shop’s signature sweets. Sandra also owns “Bess Bistro” in Austin, Texas. Oh yum.

Justin Timberlake

Little did we know, Justin Timberlake’s “skillz” go beyond just singing, writing songs, acting, and looking hot. He has a large investment in the cloud-like photo tagging service, “Stipple” and he also created “Miso Media” (a company that creates music and education apps). And, yes, Justin owns MySpace now.


Jessica Alba

Gorgeous “Dark Angel” star and hot mama Jessica Alba set up “The Honest Company”, a baby and family products company with author Christopher Gavigan. The company sells non-toxic, all natural products from food, to hygiene necessities and cleaning supplies.

Venus Williams

Multiple-time tennis champion-of-the-world Venus Williams is boss of not just tennis alone, but also “V*Starr”. The commercial and residential interior design company based in Florida has decorated for everyone from NFL players and athletic facilities to production studios. Whaddup?


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