Disney Animation’s “Paperman”, a beautiful origami-based love story that is currently in the running to bag the “Best Animated Short Film” award at the Oscars. And if you’re wondering why a six-minute-plus-long video has been nominated out of the blue, well, consider these facts:

“Paperman” utilizes a technique called, “final line advection”, which brings together the expressiveness of 2D drawing immersed with the stability and dimensionality of CG.


In layman’s terms, it is the act of blending hand-drawn and computer-generated imagery in an innovative (possibly never-done-before) way.

But the short film is short – it was released in accompaniment of Wreck-It-Ralph’s credits. If you didn’t manage to catch the urban fairytale, here, let us do you a huge favour:

[youtube id=”aTLySbGoMX0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Beautiful, isn’t it? And who said that chivalry is dead?


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