This upcoming Chinese New Year, you’ll have something more to munch on than just pineapple tarts and “kuaci”. Enter “Once Upon A Time“, a Malaysian made film that’s a combination of comedy, family values, friendships, and relationships. The film is also supported by a stellar Malaysian cast:

  1. Jack Lim plays the playful, lazy, and glutton Emperor who has many wives, concubines, and so many children that he cannot recognize most of them. He is also terribly afraid of death thus he’s continuously seeking for ways to live forever.
  2. Jeff Chin plays an important person to the Emperor; an intelligent and cunning Prime Minister known as Lord Turtle. Lord Turtle practically runs the “WanDaiFu-Land” on behalf of the Emperor.
  3. Vivian Tok assumes the role of Eunuch Tok whom the Emperor loves to hang out with. Eunuch Tok comes out with new ideas of games for the Emperor and plays along with him. Eunuch Tok is also an alcoholic.
  4. Yu-Fa who is the Imperial Servant, is played by Gan Mei Yan. She keeps the surroundings of the palace clean and tidy, and hence, the Emperor is very fond of her.
Oh yes, we said Malaysian made film.

What we mean by that is everything from sound, to editing, to makeup, to costumes, and even right down to the Poh Kong jewelry that’s featured in “Once Upon A Time”.  Not just one piece of jewelry though! Poh Kong was given the privilege to produce a special collection with snake motifs customized to resemble the cast. Each jewelry design has its own distinct characteristics that represent each of the local celebrities featured in the movie.

[youtube id=”bQOGtE5FS5c” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“Once Upon A Time” will be released in a cinema near you in February 2013 in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebrations. Alright, bring on the laughs!


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