Last weekend, popular Korean idol and “To The Beautiful You” star, 19-year-old Lee Hyun Woo made his maiden trip to our side of the world for the very first time.

Now, for an actor his age (he’s only as teenager!) he has come a long and far away, having appeared in various TV series, movies, variety shows, and even a music video.


We checked up on him real quick to find out how he has been dealing with the popularity, or if he has had any outrageous fan moments:

Hi Hyun Woo. Welcome to Malaysia! How has your trip been so far? Have you seen much of the city or tried any of our local food?

“Actually, I arrived earlier and I had a tour of the city yesterday. I also had the opportunity to go to a Malay traditional cuisine restaurant where I tried some Malay food. I went to a Malay ‘Pasar’ where I tried some of the local street food and I find those interesting. I have not tried the ‘Durian’. I haven’t tried ‘Nasi Lemak’ yet, but I tried ‘Char Kuey Tiao’ and I find it quite similar to the Korean Fried Rice.”

Has being this popular given you any outrageous fan moments? If so, what and where was it?

“I had not yet experienced any outrageous fan moments. But if it would happen in the future, I guess I would be happy because it means that they really like me that much.”

Leave a message for Hype Malaysia’s readers and your Malaysian fans!

“I would like to say thank you very much to my fans in Malaysia for wishing me well. I wish to give a better image in the future. And I hope to come back to Malaysia again in the future.”


Aww. He’s so humble though! It’s hard not to love him. We hope you’d come back soon too, Hyun Woo! Thanks for speaking to us. To read more about Lee Hyun Woo’s day of stealing hearts and knocking his fans off their feet, click!

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