While creativity for the best “song and dance” video submissions for the “tvN K-Pop Star Hunt S2” is brewing, we take a step back with Miss Sorn. Last year, Thai-native Sorn passed all tvN K-Pop Star Hunt requirements and was crowned winner of its inaugural season under the scrutiny of over 50 million viewers.

Being winner means she has also bagged an exclusive trainee contract with South Korea’s top record label CUBE Entertainment, home to A-list pop groups such as BEAST, 4Minute, and female artiste G.NA.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

It was all thanks to tvN K-Pop Star Hunt that Sorn has soared to stardom and has moved to Seoul for her debut album training.


During the press conference of the new season of tVN K-Pop Star Hunt, we managed to snag an exclusive interview with Sorn herself. And really, as big of a superstar as she’s about to become, Sorn is no more than 16 years old.

(Taken with a Samsung GALAXY S III)

Yet, she spoke with awe-inspiring determination, with hopes and dreams to change the face of the K-Pop music industry:

Sorn then ended the interview by saying, “If I had the power to change the one thing I could change about the K-Pop industry..I would change the way the artiste(s) look. I think..that, well, because they’re not the same and therefore they should have their individual looks. K-Pop industry is kinda like package where they’re packed in a box and ready to sell. I just wanna change the style and the way they package their artistes.”

Aww. She’s such a sweetheart though! Good luck to you, Sorn. We’ll look forward to listening to your debut album soon.

For more information, visit HyppTV’s official website or hit up their Facebook page.

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