So, now that the mad rush of the awards season is finally over, it was only apt for us to compile the weirdest, zaniest outfits that “rocked” the red carpets this year. It would be safe to say that some celebs take the liberty to dress like it’s Halloween although the most prestigious of the awards usually take place in the first quarter of the year. To date, Lady GaGa seems to be the only one to always have all eyes on her because she never fails to stun the crowd in her outfits.

Well now, let’s see who were her contenders during the season of Hollywood glitz and glamour:

Angelina Jolie


Yes, gorgeous Jolie has always been the talk of the awards because she always has on the most glamorous, and dare we say, dark-themed dresses. We’re not sure what went wrong with her or her stylist’s choice this year when she turned up in a, yes, still glamorous and dark-themed dress (with handsome Brad Pitt in hand), that chooses to show only one leg. In fact, in any position that she decided to pose or walk, it would show only one leg. It wasn’t long before the interwebs picked up on it and made a mockery of her Oscars 2012 outfit. Enter, the Twitter account that gained more 40,000 followers and accompanying funnily edited picture (as posted above).

Nicki Minaj

In the time that she hit stardom as an artiste, Nicki Minaj never leaves home without looking super colourful. From hair colour, to outfit, to shoes, accessories, name it, she’s got it. So imagine our shock when she decided to turn up at the 2012 Grammy Awards just a few weeks ago dressed in what would make her a..priestess. Or at least an evil-looking one. Her look was also completed with the must-have accessory – a fake priest. Let’s hope the Vatican didn’t hear about this!

deadmau5 aka Joel Zimmerman

If anyone knew deadmau5 well enough, they’d know that he’s quite literally the big kid as well as the big nerd in a grown man’s body. Joel thrives on being one of the only electronic dance music (EDM) personalities who “keeps it real”. So we can expect him to be blunt, obnoxious, rude, loud, and above all, blatantly honest about whatever he feels or thinks. And..trolling? Why, that’s what he does best. During the 2012 Grammy Awards, who should be his unlucky “victim” if it was none other than Skrillex aka Sonny Moore himself. The very person he signed on to his Mau5trap label. Somebody call the poor minion!


Lady GaGa

You know it, we know it, and it would be a crime to leave her out of this one. Did you think we were going to? Lady GaGa turned up at the 2012 Grammy Awards dressed in something that looked like what glam rock fanatics and goth-wannabes would’ve done completely..for lack of better term, “gaga” over. If you ask us, this is probably one of her more subdued outfits to date. However, she paired her outfit nicely with a golden staff. Not sure what she used it for. To beat away other nominees, maybe? Just kidding.

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