Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon in Malaysia as cases are on the rise. This increase in cases has been worrying citizens across the country. Thus, the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM) have taken action into placing low-risk Covid-19 patients in the MAEPS quarantine centre to curb the spread of the pandemic.

However, many people have been questioning the condition of these patients who are currently quarantined over there in MAEPS. Is the situation frightening based on rumours or are they just a speculation of the public in Malaysia?

Source: Malay Mail

Recently, a Twitter user who happens to be a Covid-19 patient at the centre recorded the real situation within MAEPS that is entirely different than what Malaysian citizens had been speculating.


The netizen in question posted on the site, “Here is a thread of Q&A on my Instagram about my quarantine experience in MAEPS, Serdang starting from 7th January 2021. Hope to spread some positivity and show the real situation“.

Source: Twitter

Hoping to spread some positivity, a Twitter user named Afifie Chan posted about the conditions in the centre, mentioning that it was not as scary as most people envision it to be. The place was “comfortable and clean”.

He described the basic necessity in the centre, including having at least 6 toilets in a hall. Each toilet has around 4 to 6 cubicles and Afifie said he never had to line up or wait to enter the toilet. Furthermore, the toilet cubicles were clean and well maintained- just don’t expect it to meet the standards of hotel toilets.

Rest assured, all patients in the quarantine centre are given at least 3 meals a day. Afifie exclaimed, “Alhamdulillah all the food is delicious. Patients also helped distribute food, because there aren’t many workers and there are thousands of us. I love the spirit here. We are in this together“. The food is also sent to each bed.

He also mentioned how the MAEPS quarantine centre is filled with air conditioners, making the place comfortable and cold at times. Whether it’s fans or air conditioners, there are always on for 24 hours.


Afifie described his whole experience as if he was in “The Maze Runner“. This is due to how patients within the centre were always welcoming towards newer patients who were just admitted. A much similar situation was witnessed in the clips as well.

When new people are admitted, this (steel) door will open and the sound effect is perfect as in movies. I call it ‘The Maze Runner’“. One Malaysian netizen even mentioned how he loved this thread while remarking “The Maze Runner” bit.

Afifie pointed out how there were charging stations all around the hall, making it very convenient for patients. Even better, patients felt safe to leave their phones at the charging port. It goes to show how much they trust each other in the centre.

To lighten up the mood, the frontliners on duty in the quarantine centre will sometimes make funny announcements to crack people up. By spreading positivity among quarantine patients, the place feels more tolerable and less depressing.

There were also rumours of how the workers mistreat their patients or how medicines are given at a later time. He explained that nurses would make preparations in advance to deliver medications to patients so that they won’t skip them.

Throughout the whole quarantine process, Alfie’s Twitter thread of sharing his experience has garnered over 40,800 retweets and over 31,700 likes. Citizens have been enthralled with the useful information Afifie had posted on social media especially since there are so many rumours regarding the quarantine centre.

Hopefully, many of the other Covid-19 patients are having a similar experience to those at MAEPS.



Source: The Star.

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