HyunA (현아잉)’s boyfriend, Dawn (던), was looking fine as hell while wearing nothing but his Calvin Klein undies. Recently, HyunA uploaded a set of videos on Instagram of herself, as well as her boyfriend Dawn posing in undergarments as models on set.

In a video posted, HyunA facepalms while also sticking close to the wall when her boyfriend kept posing next to her, only in his underwear. Captioned in the video, “I can’t watch this. He looks cool working harddddd“. But in all honestly, who wouldn’t feel slightly embarrassed by that.

Source: Allkpop

When Dawn was done with his poses, it was HyunA’s turn to show off her poses as her boyfriend watched by the sidelines. All in all, it was just harmless interactions. HyunA’s embarrassment wasn’t offensive in any way or viewed as a sign of disgust.


Moreover, the couple was obviously having an enjoyable moment together. The Korean couple just couldn’t help but continuously boast about each other’s gorgeous yet toned bodies, all while posing and even dancing in their undergarment.

Source: Sports Seoul

The couple’s fans also commented on the video posted, giving them support. Such comments included were: “BEST COUPLE“, “go head dawn, do your lil dancy dance“, “you look amazing sweetie“, “she looks so in love“, and much other positive feedbacks. Fans can’t help but feel proud of the couple for expressing themselves and being there for each other.

Also worth noting that HyunA has made a recent announcement regarding her upcoming comeback.

Are you excited to see the final product?

Sources: Allkpop and Koreaboo.

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