If you’re an avid social media user, you might have come across memes posted by a man named Xavier.

This Indian moustache guy has been all over the internet, from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and even 9gag! But the question is – who exactly is Xavier?

Source: Facebook

For those wondering, the popular Facebook meme page is actually an imitation of content posted on Twitter. Xavier’s display picture on Facebook is actually a profile photo used by a user known as Pakalu Papito.


As stated in the “Know Your Memes” website, Pakalu Papito (@pakalupapito) is a “novelty Twitter account” which was launched back in 2013. His first ever tweet, which was uploaded on 13th July 2013, reads, “Hello Twitter, I’m single.”

Source: Know Your Memes

Thanks to his amusingly brilliant use of puns and irrelevant humour in his joke tweets, Pakalu Papito went viral and gained immense popularity in 2015. The aforementioned tweet garnered more than 17,000 retweets and 6,000 likes over the next two years, while the account gained up to 700,000 followers.

The Pakalu Papito Facebook page was also launched on 2nd September 2013, which reposts contents from the @pakalupapito Twitter account. The page received more than 478,000 likes in just two years.

Source: Twitter via Kumparan

Unfortunately, his popularity was only short-lived. Back in 2018, Pakulo’s Twitter account was suspended while his Facebook page was removed. Though, it was rather unclear on the reason why the two social media accounts went missing.

After @pakalupapito was blocked, a similar account named @pakalupapitow succeeded in achieving internet stardom, where it uses the same approach in its content. But still, fans have no idea on whether the account is run by the same person.


Sources: Know Your Memes, Kumparan.

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