In the wake of rumours surrounding GOT7 (갓세븐) members signing to other agencies, there has been another debate happening among the global internet community.

Most recently, netizens found out that Park Jinyoung (JYP, 박진영) is no longer following Jinyoung, Bambam and Mark on Instagram! So, what’s the tea this time?

Amidst all the speculations about the alleged “bitterness” between the group and the JYP Entertainment founder, several fans also noticed that the “When We Disco” singer still follows Jackson, Youngjae and Yugyeom’s social media. Having said that, he never followed group leader JB.

However, the issue became much more certain after fans dug deeper and discovered that Youngjae have also unfollowed JYP online. Not only that, both Bambam and Young Jae both deleted the group photos they took with J.Y. Park, further adding speculations.


Many K-pop fans have been abuzz over the matter by leaving dividing opinions on social media (particularly Twitter). However, Bambam gave an epic response in addressing the matter. The Thai K-pop idol was spotted replying to a fan’s Twitter with a shrug gif, assuring everyone to not worry too much.

Additionally, fans also found that Bambam (real name Kunpimook Bhuwakul) has completely erased all of his past tweets about JYP. Take a look at his reaction and also some of the receipts found by netizens below:

Looks like all the fuss in regards to the future of the K-pop septet just got a lot more intense! We just can’t help but to wonder, “What’s next for GOT7?” 

Update (Monday, 11th January):

Source: GOT7’s Official Website

Over the weekend, Dispatch reported that all seven members of the “Lullaby” hit-makers have not chosen to renew their contract and will be parting ways with JYP.

In response, the entertainment company told OSEN that it is still difficult to confirm the news regarding the situation. They stated, “We will inform you of our position regarding the renewal of GOT7 members’ contracts as soon as it is arranged.”

Sources: AllKpop, Kpop Starz.

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