Social media was abuzz after a Facebook user expressed his concern towards a friend who was only receiving a basic monthly salary of RM550 as a security guard, breaching the  minimum wage set at RM1,200.

The netizen named Ahmad Fauzee Aziz remarked, “I was a bit shocked when I found out about my friend who works as a security guard in a security company at one of a factory in Penang for almost 15 years.”


“When I looked at his pay slip, I told him that he might have become a victim of fraud. I’ve advised him a few times to just quit and search for other jobs. The reason being? Feel free to check out the photos here (in the post). These pictures are enough to explain why,” he wrote on his Facebook update over the weekend.

In the post, Fareez revealed that his friend works for 6 days a week, where he has to work 12 hours for 5 days, and for a day in a week, he is required to work 24 hours a day, and also on a day off once a week, which is on Sundays. He also shared that his friend received various allowances worth up to RM575. If we add that up with the total monthly salary received by him is RM1,125.

Source: FB

Seemingly disheartened by the discovery, Fauzee then questioned, “Can we take action against this company for blatantly deceiving people? The basic salary set in Malaysia is supposed to be RM1,200, and not RM 500+.”

Fauzee’s post was met with tons of remarks left by local netizens. In this case, most of them advised the affected staff to lodge a report about his alleged unfair treatment by the employee. Check out their reactions here:

Source: FB

As stated in the Minimum Wages Order 2020, the minimum wage rate payable to an employee who works within the city councils and municipal councils will be RM1.2k per month. It is also stated that the minimum wage rates for those outside the aforesaid areas will be RM1,100 per month.

What are your thoughts regarding the matter?

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