Halsey has always been a strong advocate for mental health issues. However, the 26-year-old singer came under fire after she took part in the current “post a photo of” trend on Instagram.

The trend basically allows followers to request the user to upload photos of themselves reflecting the various milestones in their lives.


During the fan interactive session, the pop star was asked to share a snapshot of her at her “lowest point”. Halsey shared a mirror selfie and captioned it, “TW: ED, ask for help”. For those that don’t know, “TW” is an abbreviation for “Trigger Warning” while “ED” stands for “eating disorder”.

The songstress previously spent 17 days in a psych ward and was placed on medications following her suicide attempt. “I gained, like, 30 pounds. I was throwing up in school. I spent my whole adolescence medicated,” Halsey told Marie Claire in 2018, while discussing her body image struggles and bipolar disorder.

Although Halsey has no ill intentions when sharing the disturbing photo, netizens criticised the singer as it could trigger and hurt those who struggle with similar eating disorders. Halsey has issued an apology, saying that she shouldn’t have posted the image without a “sufficient” warning.

To quote a fan, “Please remember you’re a badass. Don’t listen to other people, just keep being yourself and keep your head held high!”

Source: Halsey’s Twitter.

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