Rain (비), whose real name is Jung Ji Hoon (정지훈), has been spilling some tea about his personal life at home as well as his celebrity friend on the latest episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling”!

During this past weekend’s reality show broadcast, the 38-year-old Korean star was asked about his marriage to Kim Tae Hee (김태희). Does he pull his weight around the house?


I do everything on my own. I try not to get help (from my wife) for most things. So I don’t really get scolded too much (compared to other husbands),” he told the host, much to the amusement of the audience.

Aside from helping out at home, Rain also often cooks his own meals due to his very strict diet. “I buy my own food, in exactly the serving size that I need to eat, and I set it aside. So I’ll ask my wife in advance, ‘Do you want to eat?’ And if no one wants to eat, I’ll prepare a meal just for myself alone, eat it, do the dishes, and clean up everything. I like doing things that way,” he explained.

But what if Kim Tae Hee changes her mind and wants his portion of the meal? “No, I wouldn’t allow it. No. Those are the rules of our household. There was a time when that happened. I said no. I have a specific serving size that I need to eat in order to feel full that day,” the entertainer clarified.

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During the session, Rain also brought up Kim Jong Kook’s habit at the gym. “It’s strange. On holidays, like Christmas Eve, if I don’t have anything to do, I’d go to the gym. But there’s always someone yelling loudly on the other side of the gym (as they work out). When I check to see who it is, it’s always Kim Jong Kook, without fail,” the singer revealed.

He jokingly continued, “Even on holidays, if I go to the gym in the wee hours of the morning, in order to quietly work out when there’s no one around, Kim Jong Kook is there exercising and making loud noises.”

Here’s an example:

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Would you be intimidated if you saw Kim Jong Kook working out ferociously at the gym?

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