Uh-oh, is there trouble in paradise for Neelofa and PU Riz already?

This speculation came after many netizens saw her sisters and mother posting a series of quotes, seemingly targeted towards the latter.

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Apart from that, word has it that they are no longer following PU Riz on his Instagram. The photos during the local celeb’s “merisik” (seeking future bride’s family) event back in November have also been removed by the family.

However, others also claimed that both Neelofa and PU Riz have already tied the knot without their family’s knowledge. According to a viral WhatsApp conversation, Neelofa was said to have married PU Riz in Kelantan. They further dished that her biological father acted as the wali (custodian) during the ceremony.

“Neelofa got married in Kelantan without the knowledge of her mom, Noor Kartini, and her stepdad, Abdul Halim Khan. She spent RM100,000 for a week to give to PU Riz and his family,” one of the individuals wrote. The netizens also claimed that the 31-year-old entrepreneur had fallen under the “spell” of “minyak pengasih” and is currently receiving traditional medication.

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After a brief silence on social media, Neelofa then came forward to shut down all the allegations that have been circulating online. In this case, she stated that the many of the accusations are baseless and untrue. She also denied all the claims saying that she got married in Kelantan and is receiving treatment.

“The accusation is not true at all and to be honest, this (accusation) is very serious. Alhamdulillah, as you can see now I’m in good condition, and in excellent health. I hope that everyone can pray for my health,” Neelofa said in an IGTV video posted last night (Sunday, 27th December).

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