The Face Shop recently concluded its #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign after weeks of workshops, challenges and eliminations. The campaign, which was launched in August, has now discovered a young personality who embodies the Korean beauty brand’s ethos of real and natural beauty.

Cassandra Yap Jie Ying was crowned as the winner of the first ever #EcoBeautySquad Campaign held in Malaysia at a virtual gala celebration. The 21-year-old beauty was the last woman standing from a total of 100 initial participants, and the recipient of a comprehensive Grand Prize package worth up to RM20,000!

Source: Instagram @thefaceshopmalaysia

1.  What made you want to join the #EcoBeautySquadMY Campaign?


The first motive that made me join this competition is because I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve never really focused on make-up, skin care and Korean beauty, but I wanted to have this chance to really explore and see if I have potential in this field or not.

2. What was the most important lesson you learned through the virtual workshops held throughout the competition?

I think the most important lesson that I learnt throughout the three different virtual workshops is that there’s one regarding the brand image, which Venice Min, our mentor, held and she taught us a lot about how to build our own image, our own niche, our own perspective. Because if you want to be different and special, but still be real and authentic to the audience, it’s very important. And I’ve learned a lot about that workshop, I think.

Source: Instagram @ksandrayap

3. What was your favourite course/thematic session from all the workshops?

Probably the photography session. Because I leant a lot about angles, how to do the lighting and stuff. Very interesting.

4. Which elimination round were you most nervous for? Why?

The final round, because the whole thing is live and you just need to get yourself prepared and all. There were time limits – those limitations were kind of difficult for me.


5. Did you believe from the very beginning that you would get through all the elimination rounds and become the winner?

I think probably when I just went for it, I thought I might get through the first round. But after that I wasn’t really sure about everything. I told myself that I was just going to try my best and see my luck, and if my effort was enough for this.

6. From 1-100, how confident were you about winning in the beginning? 

Probably, 50. (laughs)

Source: Instagram @ksandrayap

7. What would be your advise to future #EcoBeautySquadMY contestants? 

Actually, I wanted to embrace my real self, and I really hope that everyone can try to do that also. A lot of things online are not always authentic, so I wanted everybody to have the courage to be themselves. In talking about my experiences, I always try to share my real thoughts and my personal feelings with my social media followers.

8. Did you enjoy the online challenges held for the finals? 

Yes, because it’s a bit different. For the past workshops and past challenges we get to edit our assignments. So, you can just cut out the imperfect stuff. But, during the live, you need to show everything – the whole process – so it’s kind of fun but very challenging.

Source: Instagram @ksandrayap

9. Was it easy for you to apply all the knowledge you gained from the campaign to successfully get through the final round?

I think so, because I actually learnt a lot of new things that I didn’t really knew before. So, I tried to apply them on my finals. And yes, I think I also need more time to apply more of them, because I’ve yet to get the chance.

10. Out of all the Face Shop products, which one is your personal favourite? 

Actually, I have two since I just started doing make-up. It’s actually their eyebrow pencil, they have this dual tip. I really like the colour and the finishing of it. The other one is their waterproof eyeliner. I like that specific brown, it’s more natural for me.

Source: Instagram @ksandrayap

11. You are now the #EcoBeautySquadMY star. What does ‘Eco Beauty’ mean to you?

Eco Beauty is something that means natural and you need to embrace yourself. Because for this Eco Beauty Competition-Campaign, they actually have a theme which is called ‘Dare to Be’. It’s to have courage when I approach things that I like or my goal. I think that’s very important. So, I think ‘Eco Beauty’ is something authentic and natural.

12. What plans do you have for the future as the #EcoBeautySquadMY champion? 

I want to show off my favourite products! I think a lot of people already know about The Face Shop, but, they might not be aware of the details and this is where I can be of help. I really want to show the products that reflect myself and the brand.

Source: Instagram @ksandrayap

13. Have you accumulated a larger social media following after winning the competition? 

I think there’s a certain amount, but I’m not really sure of the specific number. I think there’s a lot of newcomers who like make-up and who also follows The Face Shop.

14. How do you think being the #EcoBeautySquadMY star will impact your life? 

In my past I’ve always focused on fashion, because I am a fashion student. But now that I’m the winner of The Face Shop’s #EcoBeautySquadMY, it’s all about the full package. I am more capable of doing a lot of different things, rather than just fashion.

15. How was the #EcoBeautySquadMY campaign different from other beauty pageants and competitions? 

The difference is our permanent mentor, which is Venice Min. She’s an entrepreneur and also a very successful influencer. For my past experiences in other competitions, they tend to change mentors in each different workshop. But throughout this #EcoBeautySquadMY competition we really get to know Venice as herself. So, I think it’s a very important thing if you want to build the mentor relationship with the contestants in a competition.

16. What have you learnt from the mentors who worked with you during the competition?

I have learnt how to build my brand image, skincare and make-up techniques, plus photography. Also, we learnt how to use stats of doing skincare and the products that we should use, and also the affects of each product used. There were also little challenges during the workshops where we had to execute impromptu shout outs for products on social media. That thought me how to think fast.

Source: Instagram @ksandrayap

17. While 2020 has been quite a difficult year, did participating in this campaign make it easier for you to get through the lockdowns and restrictions? 

I never thought that you would ask me this question! But I’ve thought of it, and actually because I just graduated, I haven’t found a really suitable job for myself. So when I participated in this completion, I’ve been at home during quarantine. I think it really filled my free time and I got to do a lot of different fun things. It’s been a very good experience.

18. You’ve mentioned that fashion plus desserts contribute greatly to your “existence”? We already have an idea on you and fashion. So, what’s your favourite dessert?

I love dessert! To choose one is so difficult, it’s like choosing a husband for me! But, I like cupcakes. I like cakes.

Cassandra grew up in Johore Bahru with many role models and supporters to inspire and encourage her efforts. Having participated in many other competitions as a child, it is thrilling to see how her perseverance and keen interest to improve herself has brought her to where she is now. We wish her all the best for her future as the #EcoBeautySquadMY star, and eagerly look forward to more great things from her!

In celebration of Cassandra’s well-deserved win, our friends from The Body Shop Malaysia want you to kick off the new year on a high note by offering 2 box sets to 2 loyal readers of Hype. Each winner will walk away with a box set that includes:

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