Those who teach change the world over and over again.” To echo the sentiments of many, teachers are arguably the most important members of our society.

Just a few days ago, a woman named Sandra A. Venegas took to Facebook to pay tribute to her father Alejandro Navarro, who was a devoted teacher through and through.

Source: Facebook

Her heartwarming post on 18th December reads:


This is my dad Alejandro Navarro, the day before he passed away, worried about finalising grades for progress reports. He knew he was going to the ER so he packed his laptop and charger so he could enter them.

Doctors were coming in to see him. They were running tests, they were telling him he needed to decide what he wanted in the event that his heart stopped: CPR and intubation or to go in peace. He’d answer their questions and resume with grades.”

Sandra recalled that she last saw her dad earlier that week. At the time, Alejandro was still occupied with work despite his declining health. If she could go back in time to change one thing, Sandra said, “I wish I would have closed his laptop and enjoyed spending time with him“.

Source: Facebook

Sandra who is a mother of 2 beautiful boys is also a teacher herself and teaches in San Felipe Del Rio CISD, Texas. In the midst of the pandemic this year, she stated that countless teachers have been putting in extra hours for their students that often go unnoticed.

Thank your teachers. If you are married to one, help them set boundaries, if you are the daughter/son of one, don’t let them work once they’re home. Be kind to your teachers,” Sandra continued, before urging, “Teachers let’s not normalise working after hours, let’s not normalise staying at work late. You are replaceable at work. You are NOT replaceable at home.”

Source: Facebook

The touching post has since garnered a ton of attention with 168k likes, 72k shares, and 11k comments. Many complemented what an amazing man Alejandro was and offered their condolences.

Sandra also clarified that her father “did not pass away from Covid or anything Covid related“.

Source: Sandra’s FB post.

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