A couple of Korean senior citizens were fined for making a fuss outside of Rain (비)’s residence.

All K-pop reported that the husband-and-wife duo claimed that a family member of the popular singer-actor owed them money and wanted him to pay up.

Source: WhatTheKpop

Yoo Chang Hoon, the senior judge at the Seoul Western District Court, sentenced the man and his wife – aged 79 and 73 respectively – to 700,000 KRW (~ RM2,600) each in fines, according to legal circles. For those curious, the duo claimed that Rain’s father, Mr. Jung, had bought rice on credit at their shop located in the district of Yongsan more than 20 years ago. However, he allegedly never paid the money that he owed.


They then made their way to Rain’s home, where he lives together with his parents. Rain’s father, on the other hand, refused to see the elderly couple. Seemingly dismayed by this, they started calling him out to pay back the money, and hit the front gate several times, breaking the door lock that was worth 200,000 KRW (RM741.50), and entering the premise without permission.

Source: Naver

Back in 2018, the elderly couple uploaded a post on an online community, where they accused the “Full House” actor’s parents of owing them money. They also revealed that Rain’s parents used to own a rice cake shop and had borrowed 25 million KRW (~ RM93,000) worth of rice from them. Not only that, the couple also claimed that Rain’s family also promised to pay the money back, but they never did.

The elderly man filed a civil suit against Mr. Jung in September 2019, but lost the case in January of this year. In February 2020, Rain also filed for an injunction against the same man. The court stated, “The victim has suffered considerable mental pain, but he doesn’t want to take action against the perpetrator.”

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Source: AllKpop.

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