K-pop star Se7en (real name Choi Dong Wook, 최동욱) recently made his appearance as a guest on Mnet’s “Quiz and Music Show” (퀴즈와음악사이), where he spoke up about his so-called “rivalry” with fellow singer Rain (비) in the past.

For those who don’t know, Se7en debuted as a solo artiste back in 2003 under YG Entertainment. While Rain made his debut under JYP Entertainment a year earlier. As a result, the two of them were often depicted as competing rivals back in those days.


Surprisingly, the “Better Together” hit-maker dismissed the claims by revealing that both of them were actually close at that time. “Back during our student days, Ji Hoon (Rain’s real name) and I would travel to and from school together. We would ride the subway together to our respective companies,” Se7en was quoted as saying.

“Ji Hoon hyung would get off at Sindorim Station to go to JYP while I would go to YG’s office at Hapjeong,” Se7en recalled, before adding, “He would often buy my subway ticket for me. At that time, it costed around 700 won.” Se7en further added, “We still keep in touch until the present day. He knows a lot of good restaurants and will always tags me along. He’s a total foodie!” explaining their long-lasting friendship.

During the session, Se7en was also asked about the reason for his appearance on the quiz show. He responded by confidently declared, “Instead of being funny, I will try to answer all of the questions correctly,” much to the cast members’ entertainment. Check out the clips of his stint in the programme here:

Source: Soompi.

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