Up-and-coming TV personality Isha Norsham became the talk of the town after her article by a local newspaper made headlines recently.

In an interview with Mingguan Malaysia, the “Gempak TV” host stated that she’s not interested in dating a Malay man, but instead, she prefers having a Korean guy as a partner – someone who looks similar to Hallyu heartthrobs like Lee Min Ho (이민호) to be exact!

Source: Mingguan Malaysia

According to Isha, she dreams of having a partner who bears the same physical characteristics as the “Boys Over Flowers” actor, whom she refers to as her dream guy. “My partner has to be 180cm or taller. I’m currently looking for a guy who has the aforementioned criteria to be a husband. I set this benchmark because I’m really in love with Lee Min Ho,” she told the publication.


As expected, it didn’t take long before the news reached all the makcik and pakcik bawangs on social media. As a result, the comments section has been flooded with tons of hateful remarks targeted towards the 24-year-old MC. Others also left racist comments, with most of them poking fun at her complexion. To quote one commentator, “Even Lee Min Ho is not aware of your existence. Hmmm, I hope your dream will come true someday.”

Check out some of the netizens’ reactions below:

Source: FB

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: Rotikaya.

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