Always the subject of break up rumours, once again, Korean entertainment news outlets are reporting that Lee Min Ho (이민호) and Bae Suzy (배수지) have called it quits.

Ilgan Sports quoted an alleged insider as saying, “Lee Min Ho and Suzy broke up recently.” No further information was given.


South Korean media outlet Dispatch was the first to break the news of their relationship back in March 2015 when they released photos the Hallyu heartthrob and the K-Pop-idol-turned-actress on a date in London. The stars’ reps later confirmed that the duo were indeed dating and have been seeing each other for about a month prior to the big reveal.

Lee Min Ho is currently serving his mandatory military service while Suzy was last seen starring alongside Lee Jong Suk (이종석) in “While You Were Sleeping” (당신이 잠든 사이에).

Again, this not the first time that the top Hallyu stars are in the spotlight. In August last year, there was word that they’ve broken up. The same happened in September 2015, barely a year into their relationship. Both times, the news was quickly debunked by their respective agencies.

Take this with a pinch of salt for now while we await their statements.

UPDATE (16th November, 12:49pm):

Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment, has confirmed that stars have indeed ended their relationship. In a statement, JYP simply said, “It’s true that Suzy and Lee Min Ho recently broke up.”

Source: Koreaboo, akp.

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