Is your phone always on silent mode? Perhaps this story might change your mind each time you intend to silence your phone.

A Twitter user known as Faz (@fazefrazzel) shared with fellow social media users on the reason why he never puts his phone on silent these past few days. According to him, he used to keep his phone on silent mode whenever he had to attend to something – when he’s in class, outside or even asleep.

Source: Twitter

Things took a major turn after he received a call from his mom, informing him that his father who was in the ICU had passed away at 12:30am. “When I checked my phone early in the morning, I received 20 missed calls from mum, 16 missed calls from my sister. When I read the message from my mother that my dad is no longer around, my heart sunk,” Faz wrote.


Faz’s guilt intensified after finding out that his sister from Kuala Lumpur had arrived at their hometown in Penang, while he – who was in the neighbouring state, Kedah – arrived later at 9am, which was almost 9 hours after receiving his mother’s text. “It’s very sad. Ever since that, I never kept my phone on silent mode anymore. And no matter who is calling me, I will pick it up,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Since 7th February 2018, I have not ‘silent’ my phone. Luckily, I was awake that morning. What would have happened if I wasn’t awake? I tend to sleep until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. This looks like a small issue, but the impact was huge,” Faz added in another thread.

Our heart goes out to Faz for carrying a huge guilt-conscious burden all this while 🙁

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