This Christmas season will surely be the most wonderful time of the year. Warner Bros’ has recently announced a hybrid release of “Wonder Woman 1984”. On 25th December, you’ll be able to catch it on the big screen (granted cinemas are open) and on HBO Max streaming services. Soon enough, DC fans everywhere will witness Gal Gadot’s Diana clash with the fearsome Cheetah and the manipulative Maxwell Lord.

Slowly, but surely, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has been building up a formidable slate of films. Departing from the franchise’s past fumbles to create an exciting, new direction with plenty of films and TV shows to come. One that will entail greater exploration and expansion for the franchise’s heroes…and villains.


This bold, new DCEU has big things in store for our heroes, with foes old and new rising up against them. So join us as we count down some of the deadliest villains that are set to appear in the DCEU.

1. Mr Mind (SHAZAM! Fury of the Gods)

In the mid-credits scene of 2019’s “SHAZAM!”, we see Doctor Sivana visited in prison by an unexpected ally. An alien worm freed from the Wizard’s imprisonment when Sivana attacked him, Mr Mind. Don’t let his small stature fool you. Mr Mind is one of Billy Batson and the Wizard’s greatest adversary. The Venusian Worm is deceptively smart, capable of telepathy, telekinesis and mind control. He’s also adept at the mystic arts. While his appearance in the film is brief, his words foreshadow the events to come in the upcoming sequel, “SHAZAM! Fury of the Gods”.

Source: Warner Bros

When questioned by Sivana, he explains to him saying “I name the gods, Doctor”. So to clarify, the word “Shazam” is actually an acronym for the various gods that embody each letter. Like how the “S” in his name stands for the wisdom of Solomon or the “Z” stands for the power of Zeus. In “Fury of the Gods”, we’ll probably learn of how Mr Mind went about acquiring these godly powers and how he plans on using them to conquer the Seven Magiclands. He is most certainly one bad bug.

2. Black Manta (Aquaman 2)

Arthur Curry might have reclaimed his mantle as King of Atlantis but his fighting days are far from over. In a mid-credits scene of 2018’s “Aquaman”, we see underwater assassin Black Manta form an alliance with a researcher, Dr Stephen Shin. They come to an agreement. Manta will aid Shin in his pursuit of acquiring and understanding Atlantean technology. In return, Shin will help him find the Aquaman. It’s been confirmed that actor Yahya Abdul Mateen II will be reprising his role as Black Manta in James Wan’s “Aquaman” sequel.

Source: Fandom

Little to no detail has been released as to the plot for “Aquaman 2”. We have no doubt that Black Manta will play a role in the film. Perhaps, he and Shin will work to incite a war between the humans and the Atlanteans. We know Manta has both Atlantean and human ties. He could use his connections to orchestrate a war that would tear apart Aquaman’s kingdom. We’ve already seen a war between the Seven Seas. It’s only a matter of time before we see one between Atlantis and the surface world. Arthur took his father and now he’ll take his kingdom.

3. Siniestro (HBO Max’s Green Lantern Series)

Beyond “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”, HBO Max is gearing up to release yet another DC property. It’s been confirmed that DC fans can expect a “Green Lantern” series hitting the service in the foreseeable future. The show will be following the story of multiple Green Lanterns. They include Earth heroes like Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz and Guy Gardner. A good portion of the series will also be focusing on the journey of one particular Green Lantern of interest, Thaal Sinestro. Those in the Green Lantern know will most likely know where all this is leading towards.

Sinestro was once a faithful member of the Green Lantern Corps until he seized power using the yellow light of fear. In time, he would go on to create the Sinestro Corps. An army of killers and monsters who would use the power of fear to conquer worlds. Next to perhaps the Joker or Lex Luthor, Sinestro is one of the most compelling villains in DC comics. We can’t wait to see Geoff Johns’ plans to adapt Sinestro’s character arc from hero mentor to fearsome tyrant.


4. Teth-Adam/Black Adam (Black Adam)

Yet another Shazam villain making an appearance on this list is none other than Teth Adam, or Black Adam. The original champion who was chosen by the Wizard before going rogue and breaking bad. He’s set to be debut in his very own standalone film with Adam being played by Hollywood’s favourite dad, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. The plot of the film will follow Adam’s rise to power in the kingdom of Kahndaq. Tracing his journey from idealistic hero to tragic figure to a god-like tyrant. A role that is a huge departure from the characters typically played by the Rock.

Now based on the latest teaser released during DC’s Fandome event, we learn that Black Adam was imprisoned by the Wizard and was eventually released in the future. “Black Adam” will also serve to introduce the original incarnation of the Justice League, The Justice Society of America into the DCEU. Clearly, there’s a lot going on in the film and we’re excited to see how the DCEU creates a villain-centred film around the character of Black Adam. Will it lean into a more ambiguous, anti-hero angle? Or will we see the Rock’s Adam go all-out evil? Rest assured, we’ll find out soon enough.

5. Darkseid (New Gods)

While Darkseid’s appearance in “Zack Snyder Justice League” has yet to be confirmed as official canon, there’s one thing we do know. The Lord of Apokolips will officially be making an appearance in Ava DuVernay’s “New Gods”. Who are the New Gods? Well, they are a race superpowered gods who exist outside of the DC multiverse. The New Gods live on two different planets. The first is New Genesis, inhabited by benevolent New Gods led by the wise Highfather. The other is a hellish world called Apokolips and is ruled by the tyrannical Darkseid.

Source: GamesRadar

We first encounter the forces of Apokolips in 2017’s “Justice League” when one of Darkseid’s general, Steppenwolf invades the planet. Director DuVernay has confirmed that Darkseid will be playing a major role in “New Gods”. Darkseid is arguably the greatest threat to the entire DCEU. A seemingly invincible god who is hellbent on acquiring the Anti-Life Equation. A weapon that will allow him to enslave the multiverse and remake it in his image. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him in all his fiendish glory in “New Gods”.

So which villain are you most excited to see in the DCEU? Are there anyone’s we missed out on? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below!

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