When you hear the words “Green Lantern”, there’s a strong chance you might winge or chuckle. Some of you may have remembered the disastrous 2011 film adaptation of the character starring Ryan Reynolds. At this point in time, the film’s been lampooned into the ground. Just ask Deadpool.

Last month, HBO announced some pretty universe-breaking DC news. We’ve heard rumours here and there about a potential series but now it’s confirmed. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting a “Green Lantern” TV show on HBO Max! Finally, redemption after all these years.

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should be excited about this new series, we get it. We’ve been burnt once but trust us when we say that there are some great reasons to be jazzed about these Emerald Knights making their way into the mainstream. Allow us to shine some light on this matter.

1. Badass Intergalactic Space Cops

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Right, let’s do a quick refresher. The name Green Lantern isn’t so much a person’s name as it is a title of an officer. Think of it this way. When there’s a crime in Gotham, you call Batman. If there’s a major threat to Earth, you call the Justice League. When alien tyrants invade other worlds or universal threats come knocking, you get the Green Lanterns.

These guys are a group of intergalactic peacekeepers from every corner of the universe. Each member is given a power ring that channels their will and imagination into hard-light constructs. They can create everything from mechs to swords to mechs wielding swords with a simple thought. Now imagine a whole army of them. That’s the Green Lanterns Corps, for you.

2. An interesting cast of heroes

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There’s more to DC than just Martians and Kryptonians. “Green Lantern” is a wonderful opportunity for HBO to flesh out DC’s cosmic landscape. Introducing us to worlds of strange and fantastical creatures. We can expect to see plenty of humans in the corps. There’s the fiery redhead Guy Gardner, the emotionally awkward Jessica Cruz and the brash Simon Baz. All trained by a talking pig named Kilowog. See, we told you it’d be strange. With any luck, we’ll get to meet Mogo. A Green Lantern who is a literal living planet!

The series will span decades and is set to follow two stories. One following the Green Lanterns of Earth and the other one in space…is a little more complicated.

3. One of DC’s most powerful villains rises


HBO Max Head of Original Content Sarah Aubrey also mentioned that the character of Sinestro would be playing a major role in the series. Which is huge news because Sinestro was once a former Green Lantern and faithful mentor to many. That was before he became disillusioned and founded the Sinestro Corps.

In opposition to Green Lanterns’ willpower, his corps is fuelled by fear. With his legions of terrorists and monsters, he wages a bloody war against the Lanterns, threatening to bring the entire universe to heel. Sinestro is so powerful he’s even able to get the freaking Anti-Monitor to join his corps! One of DC’s greatest villains is about to make his live-action TV debut.

4. An epic war on the way

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Beyond the Green Lanterns and Sinestro’s Yellow Lanterns, there are other Lantern Corps fuelled by different emotions. Deriving their power from different aspects of the Emotional Spectrum. Some of the more notable ones include the Red Lantern Corps whose source of power comes from their unceasing rage and hatred. Then, there’s the Blue Lantern Corps, a zen-like group of warriors who channel hope. Regardless of which aspect these Corps draw from, all will be embroiled in a devastating War of Light. One that will tear the universe asunder. Get ready for some colourful carnage and alien gore because war is coming.

5. It’s connected to the Arrowverse and DCEU

Fans of CW’s many DC-based TV series will get a kick out of this one. It’s been confirmed that HBO’s “Green Lantern” will be taking place within the Arrowverse’s multiverse. Earth-12 to be precise. CW’s TV crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths” teased the possibility of the Emerald Knights having a show of their own. And now that we know this for a fact, we can’t wait to see Green Lantern Corps meeting heroes like Oliver Queen or Supergirl.

Things get even juicier when you take into account that Arrowverse and Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe (DCEU) are linked. Reports have also shown that Warners is working on a separate “Green Lantern Corps” film for the DCEU. Is this some alternate version of HBO’s Green Lanterns? Was the Green Lantern seen in 2017’s “Justice League” part of the new series’ Corps? We’ll find out soon enough.

6. Expect “Game of Thrones” level polish

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While we certainly enjoyed the CW shows for what they were, we couldn’t help but notice the low production quality. At least in comparison to their cinematic cousin. The effects are a little underwhelming, especially when it came to the bigger and flashier battles. That won’t be a problem here though! HBO has assured us that the upcoming “Green Lantern” series will be a cinematic experience. It’ll consist of 10 episodes, each lasting an hour-long. Something akin to “Game of Thrones” or “Watchmen”. Furthermore, HBO has fewer qualms about blood and gore so perhaps we’ll get to see some truly wicked space action on-screen!

7. It’s being made by a comic book legend

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Now, this little tidbit is for all you diehard comic book fans out there. The series is to produced and co-created by none other than Geoff Johns himself! This is the man who singlehandedly reinvented the entire Green Lantern mythos. We’re talking about major changes. He created the concept of the Emotional Spectrum. He wrote amazing stories from the War of Light to Blackest Night, a jaw-dropping event that saw Black Lanterns resurrect undead DC heroes to battle the living! Whenever a film or TV series based on a beloved property comes out, there’s always the fear that the adaptation will not do justice. With this stunning news though, Green Lantern fans can breathe easy. Johns is at the wheel.

8. Darkseid and the New Gods may appear

In DC comics, few can ever hope to match the personification of evil that is Darkseid. A titanic being of nigh-limitless power. A multiversal god that invades universes. Time after time, though, the forces of Apokolips have clashed against the Green Lantern Corps. With the confirmation of the “Green Lantern” series existing within a multiverse, it’s only a matter of time before they run into Darkseid! It would make for a truly epic season finale to see the Green Lanterns and the New Gods of New Genesis face-off against Darkseid to determine the fate of Earth-12.

So what are your thoughts? Are you excited about the upcoming “Green Lantern” series? Let us know in the comments below!

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