Huang Junjie (黄俊捷) has been trending on Weibo ever since he was accused of two-timing his girlfriend.

Yesterday (Wednesday, 2nd December), China’s video streaming provider, Youku, shared a video claiming that the 22-year-old actor was holding hands with a mysterious girl.

Source: Youku

Shockingly enough, another woman (not the individual in the Youku video) has come forth with evidences in the form of voice recordings and text screenshots to prove that she has been in a relationship with the up-and-coming actor. She admitted that she was willing to play third fiddle even when she knew Huang Junjie already had a girlfriend.


The woman, who owns the Weibo account titled “花儿超级乖” (translation: Flower is super good), confessed that she wasn’t too aware of Huang Junjie’s celebrity status. She alleged that it was the actor who made the first move and approached her on WeChat. She also alluded that she lost her virginity to him. The woman also recalled the time when he asked her to take emergency contraceptive after they had unprotected sex.

In a series of screenshots posted online, it is believed that the lady had been complaining to Huang Junjie about keeping their romance hush-hush. Apparently, Huang Junjie is only with his current beau because she has the right connections and comes from a wealthy family.

Since he’s climbing up the ladder in the industry, Huang Junjie isn’t willing to risk his career. There’s also an audio clip of the actor admitting that he’s only nice to his fans to maintain his public image and the fact that he needs the fans and their support to sustain longevity in the entertainment biz.

One of the many things he hates about obsessive fans are those who tend to follow him to the airport or when he’s going about his business. The hard part, he allegedly said, was having to put on a fake smile even when he was in a bad mood or having a rough day. What apparently bugs him the most, is the sense of entitlement from fans (as if they own him).

So why spill the tea now? The woman responsible for the voice recordings claims that she was done hiding in the dark and wants to pressure Huang Junjie to make their relationship public. This begs the question, is the actor in on this?

The handsome hunk finally released a statement earlier today (Thursday, 3rd December). “I have been bombarded with questions all day long. I panicked when our relationship was exposed because my girlfriend is a non-celebrity and we wanted to keep it under wraps,” he explained.

Source: Google Images

As for the exposé from the “花儿超级乖” Weibo user, Huang Junjie claims that her allegations are absurd. “If I remember correctly, the ‘花儿超级乖’ lady was someone I encountered at the hotel of my film crew. She told me she was from Shanghai Theatre Academy and had shot some scenes with a film crew,” he said.

The star continued, “We cross paths several times by the elevator, aisles, and lobby, thus, that’s why she has the recordings of our casual conversations. She did ask me about fans invading my privacy at the airport. I admit that I’d used improper words to express myself. I apologise to everyone who was offended.”

Source: Google Images

What about his supposed “secret relationship” with the “花儿超级乖” girl? Huang Junjie denied being in another relationship and remarked that she will be handled by the law.

Source: 38JieJie.

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