Natalie Siow Yu Zhen was the woman involved in a horrid fight at the Orchard Towers which resulted in the death of a man back in July last year.

The 24-year-old woman was jailed for five months on 9th October following the fatal incident that caused the death of 31-year-old Satheesh Noel Gobidass.

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Siow was one of the seven people charged following the horrific incident which happened at the well-known building in Singapore. At first, the 24-year-old was accused of murder but the charge was later reduced to assault, hence the shorter sentence.


According to Yahoo! News, she pleaded guilty to one charge of being in the company of Tan Sen Yang, 29, who had a foldable Karambit knife in his possession, and causing hurt to Satheesh by beating him together with Tan Sen Yang, Joel Tan Yun Sheng, 27, and Ang Da Yuan, 27. She also pleaded guilty to one charge of behaving in a disorderly manner which includes her flipping a table towards one of the patrons from “Naughty Girl Club” at the Orchard Towers.

Source: Berita Harian

It all began on the night of 2nd July 2019, when Siow met Joel and Ang at a nightclub in the Chinatown area at about 1am. At the time, the trio and a few other friends decided to head over to another club near the Orchard area, where they meet Tan Sen Yang, who Joel had gone out with three times previously.

This is when the group, which had increased to about 10 people, decided to visit the “Naughty Girl Club” at level two of Orchard Towers until the wee hours of the morning. At the club, Siow and Tan played a drinking game where the loser would have to consume alcohol.

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Siow teased Tan about not being able to drink after he lost 2 rounds, which triggered Tan to slam his closed Karambit knife on the table. Joel proceeded to ask him to keep the knife while warning Siow to not offend Tan. The group finally decided to leave the place after finishing their two towers of beer at around 6:20am.

As they were walking out, they encountered another group consisting of five people, where Tan exchanged vulgarities with them, causing a scene to take place. When the situation became heated, the patrons at the “Naughty Girl Club” started to intervene and the situation only got worse from that point onwards.

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A fight soon broke out where Tan took out his Karambit knife and swung it at the onlookers gathered at the entrance of the club, hitting Satheesh, a security officer, and another man in the face. This was when Siow decided to join in and flipped a table onto the floor before being restrained by the others.

Eventually, Tan’s group left for the ground floor when someone shouted “police”. However, before they departed, Satheesh confronted Ang, who ended up pushing him away. Satheesh responded by shoving him into the shutters of a closed unit which caused a scuffle to ensue.


Source: YouTube

It got worse when Tan swung his blade at Satheesh’s lower jaw and neck. His actions caused the others to join in, along with Siow, who tried to kick and swing her arms at Satheesh before being restrained by the others. On the other hand, Ang managed to punch Satheesh in the face before the others got to intervene.

As the group fled in different directions, Satheesh attempted to walk towards the entrance of the building, but he ended up collapsing face first to the ground. Siow, who noticed she had left one of her slippers, returned to Orchards Towers to retrieve it while walking past Satheesh and leaving immediately.

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The bystanders then attended to Satheesh while calling the ambulance to seek medical assistance. It was reported that he died from his injuries and was confirmed dead at 7:25am. According to the autopsy report, Satheesh suffered numerous stab and incised wounds, and it was certified that he died due to the stab wounds to his neck.

Following the incident, Siow’s lawyer revealed that when Siow spoke to the police, the woman-in-question admitted that she knew she was at fault for joining the fight. She stated, “When it comes to drinking I get agitated and aggressive sometimes, I know being drunk is not an excuse. At that point in time I saw my male friends having problems with people.”

Source: Mothership

“I did not know the incident resulted in the Indian guy’s death, when I was at level one I saw (his) face (had) a lot of blood…(I am) sorry for his death and did not know he would die.” In the end, District Judge John Ng sentenced Siow to five months jail time, while factoring in her past remand, which was from 4th July to 18th October 2019.

Regarding the others, Joel was previously jailed for four weeks, while Ang got eight months but Tan’s case is still pending before the court. Most of the incidents that happened that night was caught by a CCTV recording and has been uploaded on YouTube.

Update (19th January 2021):

Natalie Siow has been trending on social media again after walking free. She spent 200 days behind bars for assaulting a man (Satheesh Noel Gobidass) murdered at Orchard Towers back in 2019.

The Instagram personality was welcomed with balloons and flowers, which were uploaded on her Instagram Stories.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Mothership, Coconuts.

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