Someone previously hacked BLACKPINK member Jennie (제니)’s personal social media account, and she wasn’t having any of it!

Apart from her official Instagram account @jenniebyrubyjane, Jennie also has another account, namely @lesyeuxdenini, which showcases a more raw and personal side of the K-pop star. She has since set her secondary Instagram to public mode as a special gift for her loyal fans.

Source: @lesyeuxdenini

The unfortunate mishap was confirmed by Jennie on her Instagram Story earlier today (Monday, 30th November). “(It) took almost two months to get this account back. Please leave my personal space alone,” she wrote on the post, seemingly enraged with the hacker.


The issue even caught the attention of many BLINKs (BLACKPINK’s fans) on Twitter. Most of them have been calling out the haters to respect Jennie’s privacy and leave her alone. Additionally, other netizens have also exposed the identity of the internet troll who had hacked the “Solo” singer’s Instagram account, and urged fellow users to lodge a report against the alleged hacker.

Check it out:


Now that she got her second account back, we are looking forward to more updates from Jennie in the future! 😉

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