Nowadays, Malaysians are relying the most on food delivery services, especially when the country is facing the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

However, with the unpredictable weather conditions these past few weeks, this question has been lingering on everyone’s mind: “Is it okay to order food during the rainy season?”

While many food delivery app users are concerned and feel sorry for the riders who have to work in the rain, most of the riders clarified that they actually do not have a problem with the matter at all. In fact, some riders even prefer for customers to place their orders during the rainy season!

Twitter user @loeykinn shared a rider’s feedback on Instagram that reads, “Please do so (order your food). It’s the only way to boost up our salary. We appreciate that they feel pity for us, but we chose to be in that kind of situation. So, no need to worry about the rain and all. Just hope that you guys can be patient, because sometimes the orders might arrive late.”

Another netizen also echoed the same sentiment. He wrote, “As a FoodPanda rider, I think it’s okay for you guys to proceed with your orders. We can send it to you. It makes me feel appreciated when the customers leave notes like ‘No need to rush’ or ‘Be safe’.”

Check out some of the thoughts shared by fellow riders below:

What do you guys have to say about this? Will you consider ordering your food despite the unwelcoming weather condition?

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