Has Lai Kuanlin (라이관린)’s girlfriend been identified?

This week, social media was not only abuzz with Kuanlin’s latest controversy, but also about his romantic life.



Screenshots of a mysterious lady have been gaining traction on Weibo and Twitter, where people are claiming that she’s currently dating the former WannaOne member. Her name is Ceci Zhang and is rumoured to be 10 years older than the 19-year-old rapper.

Ceci’s personal Instagram account is mainly filled with cute selfies, sceneries, cats and dogs (no doubt she has a soft spot for furry friends). If she is indeed seeing Kuanlin, there are no traces of him on her account.

Source: Twitter/IG

Back in August, the former K-pop star’s love life made headlines when he was spotted with a woman at an airport. The entertainer later clarified that the woman was actually his sister.

Source: Twitter.

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