Gaming consoles and wives have been at war for years now with many forcing their husbands to sell their consoles.

This time it’s no different when a netizen in Taiwan shared a story on how he tried to lie to his wife about the new Sony PlayStation 5 he just bought.


Remember the viral “Plash Speed 5” animated sketch, in which a man attempts to convince his wife that his new PS5 is an internet router. As funny as it is, someone actually used the exact same trick in real life, except, the man told his wife that he bought a new “air purifier”. It does look like one…

The story came to light after a Taiwanese netizen shared a story about a second hand PS5 he recently bought online, which was questionably cheap. When the netizen met the seller, he couldn’t help but ask about the reason why he intends to sell the highly-anticipated console for such a low price.

Sadly enough, the seller paused for two seconds before replying, “My wife asked me to sell it.” The response made the netizen empathise with the seller by also staying silent and feeling sorry for him. The fact that the seller probably went out of his way to secure the PS5 as soon as it got released, makes the story even more depressing.

If you haven’t seen the “Plash Speed 5” cartoon we mentioned earlier, it will definitely give you a good laugh. Take a look at it below:

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