Thanks to the LEGO Group’s all-time-favourite toy, kids and adults alike have been able to enjoy imaginative and creative playtime experiences.

And while LEGO building is enjoyed all-year-round, the LEGO Group is doing more big things to end this year with a bang – thanks to all their brand new surprises! So, if you’re as excited as we are, keep on reading to find out what they are.


1. The LEGO Group and Nintendo create more Mario adventures! 

The LEGO Group and Nintendo have come together to announce a brand new range of sets and characters, opening up even more adventures for the LEGO Super Mario products launched earlier this year. Fans can now build a Super Mario world that’s completely their own with this new range of LEGO Super Mario sets and collectible characters.

Among these new sets is the Master Your Adventure Maker Set – a creative toolbox that enables children to completely customise a LEGO Super Mario building. Using the Customisation Machine included in the Maker Set, children can change how LEGO Mario reacts to three special bricks, offering a variety in play, excitement and an element of surprise.

The Maker Set also introduces a new start pipe that shuffles the known rules of the level play, so that players are challenged to reach the goal pole in less time, but with increased rewards up for grabs. This excitingly new and improved Maker Set comes with 366 pieces.

And that’s not all, Series 2 of the LEGO Super Mario Character Packs featuring ten brand new collectible characters was also introduced recently! The Character Packs will be kept a surprise until opened, so fans could be getting a Huckit Crab, Spiny Cheep Cheep, Ninji, Foo, Parachute Goomba, Fly Guy, Poison Mushroom, Para-Beetle, Thwimp or a Bone Goomba.

Additionally, in celebration of the end of year Christmas festivities, children are more than welcome to embark on their LEGO Super Mario adventure with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course, available at a 20% discount at all retailers.


We simply can’t wait to start going on more adventures with this new range of LEGO Mario sets, characters, and the discounted starter course!

Check out more details for each of these products below:

  • LEGO Super Mario Master Your Adventure Maker Set (366 Pieces) – RM289.90
  • LEGO Super Mario Character Packs Series 2 – RM16.90
  • LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course (231 pieces) – RM 259.90

2. A Fun and Playful Christmas with LEGO 

Gear up for the festivities and usher in the holiday cheer as The LEGO Group offers us a world of festivity this Christmas. Experience the magic of Christmas and discover the home of Santa’s Elves with the LEGO Elf Club House!

This quaint little cottage is jam-packed with seasonal touches and festive features to offer a magical glimpse into the everyday lives of Santa’s helpers. The LEGO Elf Club House includes a waffle machine to re-fuel the elves after a long day of toy making, a brick-built chimney and even a “sleigh-port” to park the elf’s sleigh in!

You can also deck your homes with the LEGO Elf Clubhouse Christmas Tree brimming with colourful baubles. Measuring 22cm high and 13cm deep, it sure seems like this LEGO house set has everything the elf’s need to make our Christmas extra merry!


And, if you want to help Santa’s elves in picking the perfect gifts for your loved ones, then you can also get these novelty Advent Calendar sets featuring the themes of Harry Potter and Star Wars.

Potter heads will love the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar, as it enables them to recreate the classic Hogwarts holiday scenes, such as the amazing Yule Ball. The calendar also contains mini figures of magically iconic characters like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and more!

The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar features 6 LEGO mini figures and 6
LEGO figures, such as Darth Vader with a Christmas sweater decoration and Tauntaun with a red nose. Who knew Star Wars could be so festive!

Our play experience is further enhanced with the fold out play mat featuring an image of the Millennium Falcon with Christmas lights to inspire creative play, while the children look out for a code to unlock Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game content.

Check out more details for each of these products below:

  • LEGO Elf Club House (1,197 pieces) – RM 449.90
  • LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (335 pieces) – RM 149.90
  • LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (311 pieces) – RM 149.90

Wow, LEGO sure is gifting us with some awesome surprises! So, now you know exactly what to look for if you’ve been searching for something new, fun, and interesting to spice up the end of this year!

It’s time to build a LEGO masterpiece!

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