The drama between Awal Ashaari and Naz Carpentry is far from over!

The local interior design firm has filed a lawsuit against Awal and two other defendants for allegedly defaming the company, after receiving endless legal threats from the local celeb.

Source: Rotikaya

Naz Carpentry crisis manager Saiful Ridzuan stated that the company is seeking damages of RM3 million and has filed a suit at the Kuala Lumpur High Court last Friday. They claimed that Awal uploaded multiple statements on Instagram Stories, which allegedly “tarnished the company’s image, brand, and reputation”.


The company also expressed that the defamatory statements shed a negative light on the organisation. Apart from that, they claimed that the actions made by the defendant could cost them millions of ringgit in potential income.

Source: @awalashaari

The lawyer representing Naz Carpentry, Nurul Hafidzah Hassan, said, “We sent Awal Ashaari a notice of demand on 13th October 2020 and 19th October 2020 but did not receive any response from his lawyer. Therefore, our client has decided to proceed with this lawsuit considering the defendant’s lack of interest in resolving this matter.”

“Since the letter of demand has been sent to Awal Ashaari, the correct way would have been for Awal Ashaari to instruct a lawyer to reply to the notice but until today, we have not received any reply from him,” she added. Nurul Hafidzah also said that her client will not respond to threats made by Awal which have been published by various third parties.

Source: IG Stories

The 39-year-old TV host took to his Instagram Stories to deny receiving any court documents from the accuser. He also posted a few screenshots of messages, with some dated back to a conversation in March.

What do you think of the receipts provided?

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