A famous coffee shop was put under the spotlight after it was accused for using pork in one of their dishes in a video that went viral.

The video that has been circulating around social media eventually prompted the authorities to stop by the franchise in question, OldTown White Coffee (Subang Jaya), in order to review the claims.

Source: Kosmo

The coffee shop, which tends to mostly Malay customers, was visited by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) after a man complained through a video that the shop’s Curry Mee was served with pork meat. According to Kosmo, authorities found that the premise has a halal certificate that is valid until 30th November.


Selangor Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) Director, Muhamad Zikril Azan Abdullah said, “The main raw material, namely meat, which is suspected to be chicken meat, has been seized for the purpose of lab testing and evaluation by experts.” Not long after, JAKIM took to their Facebook page to conclude that the initial claims were indeed false.

“Based on our party’s check, the OLDTOWN White Coffee food premise is the legal holder of the Halal Malaysia (SPHM) Certificate. It is necessary to understand that the food premise that owns SPHM means the whole chain of halal has been reviewed and confirmed by authorities,” the FB post stated. It added that, “the viral accusations made through the video are NOT TRUE.”

Following the revelation, OldTown White Coffee released their own statement, to further highlight that the claims were false. The alleged franchise went on to assert that they’ve been a JAKIM Halal Certificate holder for the past decade.

OldTown White Coffee

OldTown White Coffee’s management proceeded to urge netizens to stop spreading false news, and added that they will be taking full legal action against individuals who made such claims.

Check out the video which started this whole mess below:


Sources: Kosmo, OldTown White Coffee Facebook Page

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