Although the 11.11 sale was just days ago, numerous Malaysians were not done yet.

As you may know, the new iPhone 12 models have officially went on sale yesterday (Friday, 13th November). Prices for the new mobile phones are between RM3,399 and RM6,699.

Source: Facebook

Telco stores around Malaysia were flooded with people queueing up to get their hands on the latest iPhone 12. Social media posts show long queues of Apple users standing outside Apple stores, Maxis stores, Thunder outlets, and more. Word on the street has it that a few individuals were even willing to wait in line for iPhone buyers for a fee.


Here are some comments found online:

  • “Poor economy? Everyone goes crazy about the iPhone 12 that came out today.”
  • “People are claiming that they do not have money. Yet are able to purchase iPhones.”
  • “All buy with credit cards and then can’t afford to pay up when the time comes;
    typical Malaysians.”
  • “If I was there, I would have probably slapped all of them one by one and drag them feet first to places where they can see how poor people struggle to take care of their families.” 

A quick look at reseller sites also show that people have already started to resell their new iPhone 12 for a higher price.

If you’re on postpaid, check out all the comparing prices for all iPhone 12 models from Maxis, Digi, Celcom, and U Mobile here.

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