In this day and age of working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, the value of having a stable network connection is appreciated more than ever. Our work and interactions are done online and, due to these conditions, a network disruption is never welcomed.

Unfortunately, Celcom users have had to experience the inconveniences of a disrupted network connection multiple times. With its last network disruption occurring just a month ago, Celcom’s services are presenting more issues once again.

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The exact cause of Celcom’s network disruption has still not been determined, however, their website issued an announcement stating that technical issues have led to nationwide services being affected.


Furthermore, the network disruption had begun around 8:10pm last night (4th November) and is said to be restored thereafter. Customers are advised to restart their devices and attempt to restore the connection if the issue persists on their end. However, following the responses on social media, it seems that the problem is definitely still persisting and customers are very unhappy.

A throng of frustrated Celcom users have taken to social media platforms to express their concerns about the telecom service. The surge of tweets on Celcom’s network disruption clearly indicates that this is a major issue.

There were so many unhappy customers talking about the problem this morning that Celcom was third on the trending topics list for Malaysian Twitter users. A Twitter user, @fararolla wrote, My online class is ruined due to Celcom‘s line which I can’t access to any browser and Google classroom.”

Another Twitter user, @adibachckn, even pointed out that Celcom had only restored its network connection for Twitter and WhatsApp while all other services are still down. The tweet reads:

“Celcom. Seriously u are playing dirtier day by day. Camouflage the internet connection down with twitter and ws available but not anything else.”

Take a look at more of the tweets here:

Source: Twitter

The negative feedback was also shared on Facebook, as customers commented on Celcom’s posts. Ironically, the most recent post shared on Celcom’s Facebook page was about the importance of “staying connected” during the CMCO.


Many Celcom users had a lot to say about this post, all thanks to the frequent network disruptions they’re experiencing. Here’s a few of these dissatisfied comments:

Source: Facebook

We feel you Celcom users, working from home without an internet connection is pretty much impossible. Hopefully Celcom will be able to sort out their network issues ASAP!


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