Amal Syahmina’s name has been trending on Twitter after the reports about Neelofa getting “engaged” to her ex-lover, PU Riz, made nationwide headlines earlier this week.

With over 17k tweets on Twitter (as per Kosmo!), many netizens left uplifting comments towards Amal and asked the stunning hijabi to stay strong in her new chapter.

Sources: Twitter/Gempak

One Twitter user known as @Sarahhzackk wrote, “I’m not siding with PU Riz okay, I’m just saying. Separations are indeed painful, so I know how his ex feel(s).” She added in another thread, “I pray that Amal will get a guy who is much better than PU Riz. Just like how Neelofa got someone who is much better than Fattah Amin.”


Oh, the shade.

Another netizen, @dhiraazmi96, shared that she’s able to empathise with Amal, as she had gone through a similar situation in the past. She pointed out that Amal had been suffering over the past three years from her failed relationship with the Muslim preacher.

Source: Twitter

According to her, “Moving on is not easy, especially when we have planned everything. Almost 100% of our life planning is affected. All of a sudden it’s just us, alone, on that journey.” As for @maimoyu, she can’t decide how she feels towards Neelofa.

She expressed, “I can feel Amal’s sadness. PU Riz should’ve been loyal in his relationship but what is meant to be will always find its way. Hopefully, Amal will receive a better ‘rezeki’ in her life.”

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Back in September, Amal posted a lengthy statement on her Instagram page to shed some light on her past controversy, which involved the aforementioned duo. Read it here.

Source: Kosmo! 

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