The Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade celebrated its 18th anniversary over the weekend in Taipei. Approximately 130,000 people showed up during the event, including Melvin Sia (谢佳见).

The Sarawak-born actor made headlines when he was seen kissing a male companion while they were walking the streets with other pro-LGBTQ people.

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Both Melvin and his male friend were seen in matching outfits (white t-shirts and denim jackets) during the parade. According to onlookers, the crowd cheered for the couple when they decided to lock lips in front of everybody.


The 41-year-old star has been based in Taiwan for the past 8 years since he made it to the Top 6 of regional talent show Star Search in 2003. “When I first moved to Taiwan, it was a new environment and no one knew me. It was tough for me to move forward. But I am a tough person too, and I wanted to be successful. I did not want to fail. So I kept going on,” he recently told The Sun Daily.

As aforementioned, around 130,000 people showed up for the 18th Pride march, which is down from 2019’s record of 200,000 participants due to travel restrictions. Taiwan has achieved a milestone of going more than 200 days without a local Covid-19 transmission.

Melvin, who has been focusing on his acting career in the Taiwan and China markets, said, “I am still a Malaysian, but I hold permanent resident status in Taiwan. I shoot for it all over Taiwan. Taiwan actually handled the Covid-19 situation much better than many other countries. In fact, shooting for TV and film (projects) has already began here. I was supposed to do some shooting in China, but we can’t go there now. So I am waiting. Perhaps at the end of the year.”

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So who was the mysterious man that got intimate with Melvin during the pride march? A representative from Kimchi Han clarified that the co-stars were shooting a mini-series titled “Papa & Daddy”, at the time.


Source: China Press.

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