A Malaysian student was gruesomely murdered in Taiwan after she was reported missing on Thursday (29th November). The victim, Irene Chung, was a 24-year-old female student at the Chang Jung Christian University in Tainan, Southern Taiwan.

This tragic incident took place when the young student was abducted from an area near her campus. The body was later found in the Alian District after a suspect arrested by the Taiwanese police confessed to abducting, sexually assaulting and murdering Chung.

Source: The Star

Following this brutal attack, Taiwan’s reputation of being a safe and friendly nation has severely deteriorated amongst Malaysians. During a national security meeting in Taipei, the President of Taiwan Tsai Ing-Wen stated that their country’s image has been tarnished due to this incident.


The President also stated that these crimes must be thoroughly reviewed in order to avoid such problems from occurring again. According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, the President released a public apology towards Chung’s family and to all Malaysians.

The statement issued by Taiwan’s Presidential Office spokesman reads, “The president expressed her deepest apologies to the family of the student and the people of Malaysia.”

Source: FMT News

Additionally, Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang also apologised to the victim’s family and the Malaysian citizens. He noted that the relevant agencies have been asked to assist the victim’s family in dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Chung’s parents had recently flown into Taipei to make the funeral arrangements for their late daughter. The victim’s mother, Ting Ching Ching, lodged a report at the Sibu Central Police Station on Thursday after she had received a call from her daughter’s university informing her of Chung’s murder.

Source: China Press
Source: FMT News

According to the police in Taiwan, this is not the only reported case similar to this terrible incident; At least one other female student from Chung’s university itself had reported that a man attempted to abduct her in the same location on 30th September.

Officials have not yet confirmed if this attempt was also conducted by the same individual who is now in custody. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education in Taiwan is investigating why the University did not warn its students of such an issue, since it was already reported previously by another student.

Source: Free Malaysia Today.

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