The xx‘s Romy Madley Croft has just released her first solo single “Lifetime”, which was written and recorded in London during lockdown. The track is essentially about the euphoria of being reunited with friends, family, and loved ones.

The past year has reignited her passion of DJ-ing. Her love for emotional club music with timeless songwriting is reflected in “Lifetime” – which is described as “an exhilarating piece of driving, warm, club-influenced pop”. In this interview, Romy talks about escapism during difficult times and a glimpse of what’s to come.

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Q: You just released your first single, “Lifetime”. What made you want to release a solo single?


“Lifetime” was written and recorded when I was in lockdown a few months ago. I was at home and I was missing my family and friends – missing going out and having experiences that gave me a sense of euphoria and I was really trying to create that for myself in the music. The upbeat rhythm hopefully helps you feel that too!

Q: “Lifetime” seems to have this very danceable feeling to it. Was that your intention?

I’m glad that it gives you that impression. Definitely, I love dance music – especially pop dance music – where there is an amazing song well contained within an upbeat track. I’ve always loved Club Classics, things that unite a room and people can sing along to as well as dance.

Q: What is the message behind the track?

A few people have said to me that this song is joyful and has positivity. It’s about celebrating togetherness, love, connectivity, and appreciating the moment before it’s gone. So there’s lots of messages I’d like to get across but mostly positive things.

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Q: Did the current pandemic change your lifestyle? Did it also affect your music?

The pandemic has made me slow down and spend more time being self-reflective, which is not bad for my lyrics and to be more poetic. It forced me to be more innovative in collaborating – sending parts over the internet and trying to force myself to get better at producing for myself.

Q: You’ve co-written a few tracks with other musicians like Mark Ronson, Benny Blacnco, Silk City and Dua Lipa. Was it different working with those artists and with The xx?

I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with other artists and writing for other people – it’s very different to writing with The xx. With The xx I’m working with my two oldest, best friends, we have a very different way of working together we just do it all ourselves, it’s very intimate. With the pop writing stuff it’s less intimate, you work with strangers, I found it scary at times. But I was craving a new experience and I think it’s good to be pushed out of your comfort zone.

Q: Can you tell us what can we expect from your upcoming solo album?

You can definitely expect more club inspired music. It’s still very much songwriting so there’s lots of emotion and I really care about the lyrics, but I want it to be an album you can dance to.

Q: Would you be able to share with us a little about The xx’s coming album?

I think the reason I’m excited to do a solo album is to get new skills, learn more, become inspired and bring these things into an xx album. We’ve only ever worked together really, we’ve made 3 albums, and I’m really excited to come back to a fourth album with fresh energy.

“Lifetime” is accompanied by a lyric video created by designer Patrick Savile and animator Connor Campbell. Watch it here:

Romy is expected to release her debut album sometime next year.

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