A birthday party at a hotel in Bandar Darulaman, Jitra, was interrupted by the Kedah State Islamic Religious Council (JAIK) after they raided the premise on Tuesday (27th October).

During the raid, the council found a total number of 30 individuals who dressed up as women, when in fact they were all men.

Source: Harian Metro

The individuals who were in their 20s and 40s were found wearing gowns and even the traditional Kebaya dress. Nevertheless, the raid found the party to be filled with female attendees and senior citizens, with ongoing costume events and karaoke sessions.


Chief Assistant Director of Enforcement Division JAIK, Radzi Abdul Mutalik said the raid was conducted at 10:30pm after receiving information regarding the event. When JAIK arrived, they found numerous guests at the hotel lobby but requested those unrelated to leave the premise.

Source: Harian Metro

At the location, Radzi stated, “We asked those who weren’t involved to leave and our investigation found 30 men who were wearing female clothes, suspected to be ‘pondan’ (a male who cross-dresses). Nevertheless, they weren’t arrested, but they were given notice to attend the Kubang Pasu District Islamic Religious Office (PADKP) on the date given.”

He added that all the individuals were residing in the district, while some of them travelled all the way from Selangor. Radzi went on to say that JAIK has issued a warning to the man who is believed to be the host of the party. He was also instructed to attend the district Islamic religious office to assist in the investigation.

Source: Harian Metro

Radzi added, “All of them (pondan) will be investigated in accordance with Section 26 of the Kedah Syariah Criminal Offenses Enactment 2014 and if convicted, they can be fined for not up to RM1,000 or be sentenced to a 6 months jail term, or both.” As for the host, he will be investigated in accordance with Section 31 of the same enactment for encouraging immorality.

According to Kedah Syariah laws, it is deemed illegal for a male to cross-dress as a woman and pose in public.

Source: Harian Metro

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