Ezurin Khyra has been receiving quite the backlash after her reality TV series “The House” premiered on Astro RIA last week.

Seemingly not taken aback by all the hate mails, the fashion-forward socialite gave a calm response when she was asked about the criticisms targeted toward her and her family.

Source: Twitter

The post was taken from one of Ezurin (also known as E)’s updates on her Instagram Story. “Everybody has a kind heart. It’s just that the way they express it is different,” the hot mama was quoted as saying. It was also reposted on Twitter by a user known as @nurathirahj.


The netizen had nothing but praise after witnessing Ezurin’s response. She wrote, “How unfair it is for her to be judged and bad-mouthed by the people who don’t know her. Just look at how she perceives things. OMG! (Despite) all the hate you received (since) day one of the show, this was your reaction.”

Source: IG Story

In another Instagram Story update, one of her followers asked how has she been dealing with all the negative spotlight surrounding her reality show. Ezurin responded with a quote that reads, “People say, ‘Find good people and leave the bad ones’. But I say, ‘Find the good in people and ignore the bad in them’. Because no one is perfect.”

The Twitter user ended her thread by leaving a special shout out to the former model and the show. “In a nutshell, I love the show enormously because of E! Even though it was a shitty show from Astro, I didn’t plan to watch it previously because I barely knew the celebs in it. I’m watching it this time for the Crazy Rich Malaysian hot mama mogul, 💥💥” she shared.

Source: Twitter

Did you enjoy watching Ezurin Khyra and her kids on the first episode of “The House”?

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