After receiving many requests from fans, Mira Filzah and her beloved husband, Wan Emir Astar finally uploaded a special video on their joint YouTube channel #EmirAmirah.

According to the description available in the 10-minute long clip, the newlyweds thought it’d be fun to record a video. They did inform fans not to expect frequent updating as they are still new in producing content on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

Emir was rather shy compared to his wife, who was chattier throughout the video. However, a lot of viewers noted that he tends to use long sentences when talking, which is also reflected in his posts on social media.


But the one thing that caught the attention of netizens was the part at the 2:28 minute in the clip, where Mira accidentally raised her voice to her husband during a fun game of “Knowing Each Other”!

Source: YouTube

Aware of her slip-up, Mira then said “Alah (Oh dear), I raised my voice”, before she quickly made amends to her husband, using a softer and spoiled tone of voice. The “Bidadari Kiriman Tuhan” actress then burst into laughter after seeing Emir’s hilarious response.

The comments section was flooded with tons of warm remarks from netizens, with a lot of them praising the couple’s cuteness. Others were also amused by Emir’s comical character as seen in the video. Check out some of the comments below:

Source: YouTube

Enjoy the full clip featuring the sweet husband-and-wife duo here:

To date, the clip has accumulated over 400k views since it was uploaded over the weekend. We can’t wait for the next video to drop! 😁

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