A group of food delivery riders surrounded and bashed up a young BMW driver after he crashed into another rider recently.

According to China Press, the incident took place near Econsave Muar over the past weeekend. As seen in the photo shared by the news outlet, the crash severely damaged the left side of the vehicle, while the victim was left lying on the ground – injured.

Source: China Press

It was later revealed that the BMW driver, who works as a doctor, was driving alone at that time. An eye-witness who was passing by the area shared that he saw the BMW driver being surrounded by a group of food delivery riders after the accident happened.


Oriental Daily reported that the driver was beaten up by the riders, but he managed to get into his car amid the brawl and fled the scene. He even ran several red lights along the way, attempting to lose the enraged delivery convoy.

They then rode their motorbikes to chase after the doctor, and the thundering sounds from the engines alerted the attention of the traffic authorities who were nearby. The riders then dispersed from the scene after the cops stopped the car and took over the incident.

Muar Police Chief ACP Zaharudin Rasip said that the police have received a report on the matter and are currently requiring more information on the accident.

Sources: Oriental Daily, China Press.

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