Hong Kong Director-Comedian Stephen Chow (周星馳) will reportedly face a lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend Alice Yu (于文鳳) amounting to around HK$70 million (RM37 million) next month.

His former girlfriend claimed that the comedian owes her the large sum of money from commissions for the sale of their luxury house – the same mansion he reportedly mortgaged earlier this year.

Source: The Star / South China Morning Post

According to JayneStars, the lawsuit was filed by Yu back in 2012 after claiming that she had only obtained a small portion of the commission from Chow. Yu asserted that she only received HK$10 million (RM5.35 million), which the “CJ7” director referred to as “gratuitous payment.”


It was reported that Yu had acted as Chow’s financial consultant before, to help him make profits through real estate investments. This happened during their 13-year relationship, before it ended in 2010.

Source: South China Morning Post

During this time, Chow had verbally agreed with Yu that he would pay her a monthly salary along with a 10% bonus from the after-tax profits made in successful investments. However, the “Kung Fu Hustle” director has denied owing her any commissions.

In other news, the Hong Kong comedian is also handling financial stress from investors of his film production company. The investors are apparently demanding at least HK$200 million (RM107 million) from the money lost due to Chow’s “The Mermaid 2” postponed cinematic release.

Stephen Chow
Source: The Guardian

Many of you may know Stephen Chow for directing hit films such as “Kung Fu Hustle”, “Shaolin Soccer”, and “The Mermaid”.

Sources: Jayne Stars, Today Online.

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