Sharifah Zarina and her daughter, Athalia Deena Buswani, have been facing massive backlash from the public over the controversial posts uploaded on their social media accounts this past week.

The 17-year-old decided to speak up against the haters on her latest posts on her TikTok and Instagram accounts earlier today.

Source: IG

In responding to a TikTok user who came to her defence, Athalia commented, “I won’t admit myself to be a good girl. But based on what you said on how I coped with all the criticisms, I feel like even if I said something about it, people will always put me down.” 


“Yeah, I said something wrong. But even if I tried to make up for my mistake, people just couldn’t stop talking (about it),” Athalia further added in the clip. She also suggested for netizens to go ahead and block her online as an “option to get rid of her” in their lives.

According to the social media personality, “It’s not like I’m the one who asked for you guys to hate on me. I didn’t even disturb other people’s lives. It’s crazy knowing that I’m 17, and with exams coming up, I’ve gone through a lot in less than a month. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a drastic change.”

Check out her full caption here:

Source: @officialathalia

As for Sharifah Zarina, the singer has since restricted her comments section on Instagram in order to prevent further criticism.

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