While Covid-19 has been dominating most headlines this week, many people are still talking about the RM460 burger drama.

Unless you’ve missed the whole story, a birthday girl named Carmay and her female friend Liddy have been receiving a lot of flak for their poor behaviour.

Source: Facebook

After their drama with Mr Chia blew up on the internet, many netizens have been labelling the girls as “gold diggers”. Some even called Liddy (pictured right) a whore, due to her love for skimpy outfits on social media. Needless to say, the attention from the public has been overwhelming.


In her apology, Carmay explained that she never meant for this to go viral. Here’s what she said:

I just want a normal life. I hope everyone can forgive me. Please don’t hurt or attack me anymore. It was just a birthday party. No need to make it such a big deal. It doesn’t matter if the guy doesn’t pay, I can pay for myself. I never intended to share this and let the whole world know. It doesn’t benefit me in any way.

I never replied yesterday because I’m not even in this group. I only found out about this after my friends told me about it. Finally, I want to say sorry to everyone. I hope that everything ends here.”

In addition, the birthday girl also added that several screenshot conversations were fake. She was referring to the following:

  • You should help solve this problem. Many are putting the blame on me now. Initially, it was you who said that this man was rich and generous. I could never imagine that the internet would be attacking us. You should release a public apology.”
  • “I won’t publicly apologise. That would only cause more problems. It’s best to stay silent for now. Besides I don’t think I’m the only one at fault. It’s normal for men to pay for a woman’s meal. Also, you were the one who scolded him (Mr Chia).”
  • “Don’t you understand how serious this has become? People online are now calling me a prostitute. Now that we’ve been exposed, how am I going to go out?”
Source: Facebook via WoB

In the conversation above, Carmay and Liddy also discuss how some people might be impersonating them by leaking out conversations that did not take place.

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