Earlier on Monday (5th October), a Malaysian e-hailing driver was caught on camera splashing his drink at a toll booth operator in an incident which occurred at the KESAS Highway in Shah Alam.

The Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS Facebook Page was first to report on the case, posting a CCTV footage of the Perodua BEZZA driver, who reportedly got frustrated after he couldn’t reload his Touch ‘n Go card at the toll booth. The video, which was uploaded by the aforementioned account, has since garnered over 500k views online.


The girl in question, only known as Faten, later took to her Instagram Story to clarify the whole situation. According to Faten, the guy entered her toll lane, saying he wanted to reload his Touch ‘n Go card. However, Faten’s lane is only for drivers with enough amount of Touch ‘n Go balance. So she informed him that the top-up service was only available at the next lane.

“He said he knows about it because he read the signboard. I asked him to pay RM2 instead, but he refused,” Faten recalled the incident, before adding, “(After that) I told him to park his car at my lane, get down and go to the top-up lane. But he got upset and got out of the car and looked into the toll booth and argued that the top-up lane is usually placed at the last booth.”

“He finished reloading up his card and drove away after that, so I thought that everything was settled. However at 9:20am, the man appeared at my lane again. He got out of his mobile, bringing a packet of iced Milo with him. He took a few sips and told me, ‘Next time, don’t mess with people’, as he splashed his drink at me,” the young lady added in her statement.

The comments section soon received various remarks from netizens, who bashed the guy for his rude behaviour. Some of them even called for the authorities to take stern action against him.

Update (Tuesday, 6th October 5pm):

Harian Metro confirmed that the aforementioned driver has since been arrested after the victim filed for a report. Subang Jaya District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Risikin Satiman stated that the man, who is in his 30s, was detained after the female toll operator came forth to make the report at 4:25pm on 5th October.

Source: Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS Facebook.

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