Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we noticed that both the number of new cases and the number of celebrities joining OnlyFans have been on the rise. From the time Beyonce mentioned starting an OnlyFans account in her song “Savage”, the adult entertainment platform has been gaining significant attention mid-pandemic.

This platform has become so popular that thousands of users joined the subscription-based service to make money from home while providing adult entertainment. From Tyler Posey to Cardi B, celebrities have also recently created OnlyFans accounts to increase their “exposure” during these trying times.

So far, 16 celebs are posting exclusive content on their OnlyFans accounts. Find out who they are here:


1. Tyler Posey 

Source: Teen Vogue

The “Teen Wolf” star joined OnlyFans with the announcement on this explicit account released on 29th September. The 28-year-old actor reported to Pride that he joined the platform after his fans had suggested that it would be a good idea. Tyler’s announcement video alone shows him completely naked with nothing but a guitar covering his crotch!

  • Subscription fee: $14.99 per month

2. Bella Thorne

Source: The Sun

Bella Thorne is a model, actress, singer and director. However, her public identity doesn’t seem to stop there as she’s now grabbing attention with her OnlyFans. Bella announced her venture into X-rated content on 20th August and earned a staggering US$1 million in just one day! However, Bella later pointed out that she will not be posting any nudes on her account.

  • Subscription fee: $20.00 per month

3. Cardi B

Source: The Guardian

Cardi B is the biggest and most popular celebrity to have joined OnlyFans thus far. The “WAP” singer joined OnlyFans on 12th August and seemed to be super confused about how it worked!

She also later announced on Twitter that her initial subscription fee of $10 was too much and she’s “bringing it down to 4.99.” The female rapper claimed that she will be using the platform to shut down rumours, show behind the scenes clips of “WAP”, and give extra-insight into her daily life.

  • Subscription fee: $4.99 per month

4. Blac Chyna

Source: Pinterest

Blac Chyna is a money hungry entrepreneur who has been finding some crazy ways to get cash during the pandemic. From creating an OnlyFans this April to offering fans a chance to chat with her by charging a whopping fee of $950, Blac has been looking for ways to milk that dough. The model and reality TV star announced the opening of her OnlyFans account with a nasty video of her squashing grapes with her feet. Foot fetish much!

  • Subscription fee: $50 per month

5. The-Dream 

Source: Revolt TV

The Grammy award winning rapper and producer created an OnlyFans account not to post some nudes, but to promote his album “Sextape 4.” Fans can now stream his latest tracks and watch clips of exclusive OnlyFans models performing to songs included “Sextape 4”. Fans can also send in clips of them dancing away to The-Dream’s songs.

  • Subscription fee: Free

6. Aaron Carter

Source: Astro Gempak

The former child star made headlines after he created an OnlyFans account with his girlfriend at the time, Melanie Martin. However, the “Aaron’s Party” singer has now changed the account to only reveal exclusive pictures of himself. That’s not all, Aaron has ventured into more than just the OnlyFans platform to showcase his X-rated content. The singer also joined a live porn website, CamSoda, where his first adult video showed him showering and playing the guitar completely nude.

  • Subscription fee: $27 per month

7. Amber Rose 

Source: Black Enterprise

If you know Amber Rose you know she’s not someone to shy away from revealing a little something to her fans. Amber embraces her body in every shape and form and loves showing it off! So, when the model recently joined the adult content platform, it didn’t come as the biggest surprise. She announced that she was joining OnlyFans with quite a scandalous Instagram video, along with the caption reading, “Here’s a lil freebie hit the link to see EVERYTHING.”

  • Subscription fee: $19.99 per month

8. Tyga 

Source: Variety

The former beau of both Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna joined OnlyFans in September to give his subscribers an intimate look of what the rapper does everyday. In order to promote his explicit account, the “Rack City” singer posted a series of pictures showing him partying and posing with multiple naked women.

Tyga’s OnlyFans bio reads: “I like you I don’t give af bout yo bf.”

  • Subscription fee: $20 per month

9. Jordyn Woods 

Source: Cosmopolitan

Ever since her affair with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, Jordyn Woods has been infamously known for her drama with the KUWTK clan. Now, this young socialite has joined OnlyFans while currently dating NBA star Karl-Anthony Towns. The 23-year-old model claims that she joined the exclusive platform to show fans her “authentic self”. Jordyn’s location tag on her OnlyFans bio cheekily reads, “In your dreams.”

  • Subscription fee: $20 per month

10-11. Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena 

Source: Instagram

The “Love & Hip Hop” stars did not only go into marriage together, but also created their own OnlyFans accounts together as well. The rapper developed a large social media following over the years and, announced to his fans that he was joining OnlyFans in May of this year. His wife, Erica, was soon to follow in his footsteps and later created her own OnlyFans account as well.

  • Subscription fee: $20.99 per month (Safaree)
  • Subscription fee: $29.99 per month (Erica)
Source: Google Images

Other celebrities who joined OnlyFans following the Covid-19 pandemic include:

  • Shea Couleé – Subscription fee: $4.99 per month
  • Casanova – Subscription fee: $50 per month
  • Sonja Morgan – Subscription fee: $4.99 per month
  • Tana Mongeau – Subscription fee charged per post.
  • Swae Lee – Subscription fee: free

It’s definitely intriguing to see how all these various celebrities are joining OnlyFans and using it for multiple purposes. We wonder who else will join OnlyFans next! Do you have any guesses?

Source: Insider, DistractifyPage Six.

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